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5th Quarter Program
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Barry Woods 5th Quarter- Boys & Girls Club of Stamford

The 5th Quarter program works with teens who have been identified by our staff, police, schools, and other community partners as having serious risk factors. The program teaches teamwork, perseverance, and leadership on and off the basketball court. The 5th Quarter program has served over 300 teens and young adults since it began in response to the escalation of violence in Stamford’s West Side.

The program began by offering open gym nights and now provides social and emotional development programming as well. Youth establish a mentor/mentee relationship with trained staff and connect with positive adult professionals from within our community such as police, educators, and other youth advocates. These youth meet each week for a mandatory academic session, a weekly practice, and a weekly game day. Prior to any basketball activities, mandatory discussions and workshops are held to focus on relevant social issues, goal setting, problem-solving, consequences of violent behavior, the benefits of positive leadership, and moving forward as a team. Participants also take part in youth-led discussions between rival neighborhoods in order to fully understand the source of ill-will and discuss possible non-violent solutions.

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