Education & Career Development



Grades 5th-8th

Mentoring Program


All Ages

Weekly program teaches the game of chess and provides tourna- ments and competition. Players of all levels are welcome.

Computer Room

All Ages

Uses our computer room to provide children the opportunity to expand their technological skills. Access to the internet is available, and monitored by staff. Any inappropriate use of the internet is prohibited.

Fairgate Farm Club

Ages 9-18

Learn about the environment through gardening, recycling and outdoor education

Immersion Science Program

Ages 8-14

A fun science education program for kids in grades 5-8 founded by famed oceanographer and ex- plorer Dr. Robert Ballard. What makes this program so successful is its joint emphasis on scientific knowledge coupled with the fun and excitement of exploration.

Newspaper Club

Ages 9-16

Newspaper Club allows middle school and high school students to have a better understanding of how to write articles, how to promote special events, and how to interact with other members and staff. Newspaper Club will allow members to create their own newspaper on a monthly basis. Positions include, but not limited to, Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor, plus much more.

Power Hour/Homework Club

All Ages

Project Learn reinforces and enhances the skills and knowledge young people learn at school through "high-yieldā€¯ learning activities at the Club and in the home. Project Learn emphasizes collaborations between Club staff, parents and school personnel. Project Learn has been proven to boost the academic performance of Club members.

Robotics- Verizon

Middle School

Uses technology and Verizon scientists to build a robot based on a complete program that incorporates math and science skills. The program has a showcase that shows the robots in action.