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Mary C. Rich Clubhouse         Yerwood
203.324.0594                            203.323.3547

Club Policies & Rules


No Fighting / No Swearing or Name Calling
Respect All Staff & Equipment
No Gambling
No Drugs, Alcohol, or Weapons
No Headgear
No Running outside designated areas
Eat in Food Area Only
Do Not Sit on Tables

Club Policies

Entering & Leaving the Club
• You must know your membership number
• You must check in with the front desk attendant and notify upon leaving
• If you walk home, you must leave the property when you leave the building
• If you are picked up, parents/guardian must come in and get you
• If you leave without permission, you will be suspended from the Club
• The Club is not responsible for children who leave the building without permission
• Children under 10 must be picked up by 6:00 pm While in the Club  
• You must not leave the Club without permission  
• Respect is a must ... profanity, fighting and rudeness will not be tolerated  
• You must take good care of Club equipment. If you break it, you pay for it  
• No sitting on tables  
• Respect others. Keep your hands to yourself, no name calling or bullying.  
• No hats of any kind are permitted  
• No smoking  
• No gambling  
• No hanging around the Club property  
• Clean up after yourself Causes for Immediate Suspension
• Fighting (even with your brother and sister)
• Use or possession of alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal substance
• Possession of a weapon or any item which could cause bodily harm
• Defacing or destroying Club property
• Disrespect toward a staff member
• Children are responsible for broken items that are not accidentental, and will not be permitted to use the Club until payment is made.

Discipline Process 
 1. Verbal warning 
 2. Time-out chairs 
 3. Two time outs in the same day = 1 day suspension 
 4. Parents notified of discipline problem = Club suspension If your child is suspended from the Club, it is expected that they will be picked up immediately.

All visitors must have permission to enter the Club, and acceptable attire and behavior are required to be permitted access to the Club and our activities. Any person not following the rules of the Club will be asked to control their behavior and/or asked to leave the building.

Club Membership Number
You should know your Club number.

Personal Belongings
Members are not allowed to bring toys, radios, hand-held video games, cameras or any other personal belongings to the Club. These items attract attention and may be lost or stolen. The Boys & Girls Club is not responsible for any personal belongings that are lost/stolen/broken at the Club. Please encourage your child to follow this request.

Illness & Emergency Procedures
It is important that everyone cooperate fully with illness and emergency procedures; they are intended to protect the well being of all members. Any change in EMERGENCY INFORMATION data MUST be communicated to the Club at once. This is the ONLY way this information can be updated in your child’s file. If a member becomes ill, staff will contact the parent/guardian. It is expected that the member be picked up within 60 minutes after the call. In case of accident, the parent/guardian will be contacted right away to determine the status of medical attention required and the best manner to provide adequate and proper emergency aid. Emergency situations will be taken to the hospital immediately.

Proper hygiene is required for all Club members. Children should be clean, have clean clothes, and proper hair treatment. In the case of lice, all nits must be removed and the child must have a doctor or school nurse’s written permission to return the Club. Pink eye, coughing, and other medical problems must be treated before a child attends the Club. If the child misses school because of a medical problem, do not send them to the Club. Parents must pick children up immediately if a hygiene problem exists. All children must be toilet trained to attend the Club (policy available upon request).

Prescription and non-prescription medicine will not be administered by any Club staff except in the case of an emergency.

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